Since 1982, Garrett runs and organizes the entire production cycle.

A competent and expert team follows each phase of the production: the study of the sample collection, the careful selection of raw materials and the creation of prototypes.

Each product is carefully checked and refined during the quality control. The meticulous attention to details and the use of the finest raw materials are the key words that make every Garrett jacket unique.

The fashionable jackets inspired by the past, stand out thanks to manufacturing and handmade treatments, which give the final product both a fierce style and a vintage look.

Garrett style is so heterogeneous that every jacket can adapt to each necessity and can satisfy different needs always keeping up with the latest fashion trends.

Marcello Pampaloni, Founder and Designer

Marcello Pampaloni was born in Florence, in 1959.
After architecture university studies, Marcello learns the manufacturing of leather thanks to his family business started in 1930.

Cultivating his great passion for fashion, he founded in 1982 the leather-clothing brand Garrett setting his work on the research of the finest raw materials and the creation of original jackets.

Now his successful experience as a fashion designer allows him to supervise and check carefully each production process.

Inspired by the precious tradition of the past, Marcello is able to create items that combine a vintage style with a fashionable design.

Marcello Pampaloni, Founder & Men’s Fashion Designer

Sofia Pampaloni, Women’s Fashion Designer